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18 years ago, the Darr family, consisting of Pushkaran and his son, Kunal, were forced to leave Kashmir by terrorists, who had forced thousands of other Kashmiri Pandits to be mere refugees...

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original title: Kalyug

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Romance,Thriller


imdb: 5.5

duration: 2h 6min

tags: To Hell and Back!

budget: INR 40,000,000

keywords: pornography, train, suicide, sexualconspiracy, conspiracy, onewordtitle, wound, torture, store, prison, lossofhusband, lossoffather, lesbian, lawyer, falseidentity, airplane, actorsharesfirstnamewithc















































18 years ago, the Darr family, consisting of Pushkaran and his son, Kunal, were forced to leave Kashmir by terrorists, who had forced thousands of other Kashmiri Pandits to be mere refugees in their very own country. Pushkaran and Kunal re-locate to Bombay, where they live in a small room. This is where Kunal grows up, & gets a job at a gym. Then one day, the police knock on his door, informing him that his father had lost his hold from a crowded local train, fallen, and instantly killed. A devastated Kunal arranges his father's funeral, and before he could reconcile to living alone, his relatives contact him from Jammu, informing him that his father had promised to look after a young woman named Renuka. Kunal agrees to fulfill his father's promise. When Renuka arrives, she finds out about the untimely death, and wants to return back, but ticket reservation force her to stay with Kunal for a week. It is this week that changes their lives, for they fall in love and get married. A friend gives them a free hotel room for their honey-moon, and they spend the night getting intimate. They return home thereafter, and it is then that the police arrest them on charges of Pornography, Renuka is coerced into signing a statement implicating Kunal, and when she finds out what she has been done, she kills herself. Alone, devastated, and confused Kunal must now find a way to free himself from the clutches of the police, mourn the passing of his father and new wife, as well as find out who are the person(s) behind his loss and humiliation. The question is will he succeed, or just be another victim? The film deals with a newly married couple caught on camera at a hotel during their honeymoon. The video is released on the Internet and the bride ultimately commits suicide. The husband, in pursuit of revenge, delves into the world of underground pornography, eventually traveling to Amsterdam and Switzerland to seek out the criminals of the underground pornography industry that profited from the film. Kalyug is one of those films that despite being better than 95% of Hindi films, was never going to do amazingly at the box-office simply due to the unknown lead cast, the theme of pornography and very confusing trailers that did nothing to entice viewers.

The plot, starts off like a superspeed version of a typical Hindi film, ie: boy (Kunal) meets girl (Renuka), they fall in love, get married etc, but then comes the twist...

In a midnight police raid, the newlyweds are arrested and interrogated separately about a video that has been released on the internet of their honeymoon night, police coercion tactics leading Renuka to believe that her husband is a sleazy pornographer, she commits suicide leaving her completely innocent husband distraught.

Whilst out on bail, he manages to track down the creep responsible for the hidden camera in the hotel room (played by Ashutosh Rana), during the ensuing fight, the sleazeball loses his bag, which he leaves behind as he runs off onto a moving bus.

Kunal finds in the bag, a large amount of cash, more videos of hidden camera porn and information related to a porn website being operated from Switzerland that specialises in this type of content hosted by an Indian pornstar "Annie" (Deepal Shaw). Kunal then flies off to Switzerland to settle the score. (Using some of the money from the bag... other reviewers seem to have been confused by this!) In Switzerland, he visits a sex shop to try and get some information about the pornstar "Annie" (Deepal Shaw), here he meets Emraan Hashmi, who works in the shop simply because they pay him... it's pretty much his take on life, "do anything for money". Unsurprisingly Kunal hires Emraan to help in his search for the people behind the website.

We find out that Deepal Shaw's character is another victim of the porn industry as she was SOLD into it by her extended family in the aftermath of the Gujarat earthquake (another point that a few reviewers don't seem to have understood!) So now obviously we have the set up for the grandstand finale between the good and the bad.

Amrita Singh is brilliant as the evil mastermind behind the website, her performance is outstanding as are many of the lines she is given. I won't give away exactly what happens with the ending, but needless to say, justice prevails! The movie may be a bit too long (a couple of Deepal's songs could really have been cut altogether), but then with Jiya Dhadak Dhadak and Aadat on the soundtrack, it's not possible to say the music was bad! Emraan's character is ripped off Joaqin Pheonix in the much darker "8mm", but I am definitely not saying the movie/plot is a copy, it clearly isn't! I recommend this to any fan of Hindi cinema who is looking for something that is truly a bit different. This movie in my opinion, was great. KUNAL KHEMU makes an awesome adult debut and does it very well. His looks, acting, and hair just stole my heart. Yes, there were a few flaws in the movie that did not make sense; but the movie was good nevertheless.

To begin with, KUNAL DARR (kunal khemu) is an ordinary guy who lives with his father. One day, he hears a shocking news that his father had expired in a train accident. He later starts working in a gym. One day, he receives a phone call. The caller, mistakingly thought that he was his father and told KUNAL that he had to pick up Renuka (SMILEY SURI). KUNAL tries to explain but it doesn't work.

Nonetheless, he goes to the train station to pick RENUKA up and eventually brings her home. In one week's time, the two fall in love and get married. In the day of their marriage, KUNAL's friend gives him an invitation to spend their honeymoon in a hotel.

Hence, the couple spends the night in the hotel, and unfortunately